The Marketing Technology Age and the Challenges

There is a lot of change that is happening when it comes to marketing technology uses. One of the major ones is diversification and consolidation. So while on one side there are many companies that deal with enterprise software that are now building as well as acquiring marketing cloud offerings, on the other hand there are start-ups that are coming up with new ideas that revolve around the original idea.

This makes it spectacular and what seems to be interesting is that in years to come there will be some of the major giants like Facebook and Google that will contribute in providing the software to the competitors in marketing technology. This will then compete with the models of business of the traditional companies.

The platform of marketing technology is a phenomena and there are many using it for massive scale. However what needs to be seen is if the technology will be able to stay up to the changing behaviour of the customer as well as the market changes.

Pace and governance are the two marketing challenges

The marketing technology, may face two challenges. These are important to make the system more effective. Those are selection, integration and operation. These are the major challenges. The other major challenge is how marketing uses the tools to transform the ways. It is important to understand the application of this software and harness it to make use of it for great marketing campaigns. This is however where the marketing technology is very helpful. But on needs to pay focus on the difficult part too of how the market thinks and behaves with the capabilities that this new tool has.

There is still a need for the company to have a strategy and vision that needs to be realised in a good fashion and at a great speed. Marketing work is highly labour intensive and thus we need technology like to manage it.  The marketers have no choice but to accept this operation.